How to survive February - some fashion tips to help us through!

Fashion Tips for February!
We all wish it wasn't February.  OK we can look forward to spring but it still feels a long way off and, let's face it - it's freezing!!  The fashion magazines are already tempting us with pastels and sandals - but we're just not ready.    So here's our tips on dressing for February.

Tip No. 1
Introduce some colour.  Ditch the dulls as nothing lifts your mood like a pop of colour.

Tip No. 2
Add a lovely cheerful scarf to your outfit - it will lift your spirits and keep you warm.

Tip No. 3
Keep wearing that gorgeous faux fur coat you treated yourself to just before Christmas.  The trend is still strong so enjoy it and, ofcourse, you'll be snuggly.

Tip No. 4

Swap your handbag to a brighter colour - it will give that outfit a spring lift like no other and - let's face it ladies - we all love a new handbag.

We hope you've enjoyed our February tips and hope to be sending out more little snippets - please give us a thumbs up when you pop into the shop if you want to hear more!

So wrap up warm and enjoy introducing some lovely colour to your wardrobe.