Get ready for Spring!

It's starting to look like spring......  and now we can get really excited about switching over our wardrobe.  So with this in mind, we thought we would share with you some great tips to help you make the switch.

Get your basics sorted

  • Lay all of your summer basics on the bed.
  • Organise three piles.....
  • Pile One : Ditch - ditch any garments which are tired, grey or stained.
  • Pile Two : Donate - donate anything you don't love or didn't wear - just let it go you didn't wear it for  a reason...
  • Pile Three: Keeps - this pile you can relaunder and refresh!
  • Finally make a list of basics you need to replace or are missing.

Now repeat this process for your tops, bottoms and dresses and you should be left with garments which are actually going to be worn and a clearly defined list of garments you need to purchase.

Sort your garments into a system which works for you - either by colour or function and voila!

No more opening the wardrobe door and feeling overwhelmed!  You're ready for spring.

And just to let you know - our ever popular spring basic t.shirt has just landed instore - so check your list and pop into mixmix.